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GST ERP Software

Easy to work with GST ERP Software

Suitable for more than 100 business cultures with excellent features

A Complete Business ERP Software that caters to every need of modern day business tycoons. Designed to help you eliminate all the complexities in business automation like organizing your Financial Accounts, Powerful Inventory Control, Label Printing, Cheque Printing, Illustrative Log Book, Window Based / DOS Based Printing, With Inventory / Without Inventory Accounting, User-definable Optional Fields in Masters and Vouchers, Export Facility for each report to MS Word, Excel, PDF, Wordpad, HTML, SMS Plugin, Unlimited Fully Configurable Invoice Formats, Multi Company management, Intelligent Outstanding Analysis.

  • Manage Stock
  • Billing
  • GSTR
  • Save Time
  • No Need To Learn
  • Economical


Important Links:

  1. Download Software from IDLGSTPro+ link
  2. Unzipped Zip file and run setup.
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  1. Create Company
  2. Create Account Masters
  3. Create Item Masters
  4. Create Sale Bills
  5. Create Purchase Bills
  6. Get Wonderful Report

  1. Open GST ERP Pro + Software
  2. Click on Create A New Company

  3. Type all the details like Address, Contact, Registration, Licensing, Financial Year etc.Type them accurately as they will reflect in all the bills.

  4. The option “Copy Masters From An Existing Company” copies all the master fields from an existing to a new Company.
    User Name: 1
    Password 0 .
    By default, User Name and Password is set to ‘1’. Change it if you wish.Click Create Company to save all the details of a New Company.
  5. Click OK and login to newly created Company.
  6. Click Create Company to save all the details of a New Company.

  1. Click on Account option in the right side menu or top menu on the above screen. We see the list of all the created account heads in Address Book.
  2. Click on “New” to create new account.
    Type all the details accurately. There is a good thing in VAT No. option that the user cannot enter more than 11 digits in the field.
  3. Click on “Save” to save the account details.
    “List of Accounts” shows the list of all the accounts created.

  1. To make Sale Bill entry,Click on Sale option on right side menu of main window or Entries menu.
  2. Check all the Sale bills in a particular period and their details. You will see which items you have sold to which party and the amount of the bill, whether the bill is of Cash or Credit. Other Charges are also shown.
  3. Click New to create new Sale Bill.
  4. There can be credit/cash sale. Click on save.

  1. Click on Purchase option on the right side menu or Entries menu.
  2. Enter Date. Weekday will automatically be displayed above date.
  3. Select Terms of Purchase. There can be credit/cash purchase.
  4. Select Party from whom items are purchased.
  5. Select Purchase type : CST Purchase / Retail Invoice / VAT Invoice
  6. Save the bill and print it.